QuikQ Refining Fuel Management

  ABOUT QuikQ: Company Overview
ABOUT QuikQ: Company Overview QuikQ is a privately held software development company based in Franklin, Tennessee. The firm and its employees are dedicated to utilizing 21st century technologies to improve the trucking industry's control of diesel fuel transactions by connecting carriers with truck stops and travel plazas.

SmartQ™ is a "front-end" process at the Truck Stop, allowing a "cardless" fuel transaction by utilizing RFID technology to identify the truck/reefer trailer, then pass to the QuikQ Fuel Purchase System™ (FPS).

FPS™ is QuikQ's cardless direct fuel connection between the truck stop point-of-sale systems and the motor carrier's enterprise system. By integrating carriers' enterprise software into an updated, streamlined fuel transaction process, QuikQ will help both carriers and truck stops realize significant savings.

  • Substantial reductions in transaction fees for truck stops
  • Virtual elimination of fuel fraud
  • Increased driver satisfaction, productivity and accountability
  • New management tools for truck stops and motor carriers

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