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QuikQ Rolls Out Fuel Island Manager

New software and RFID equipment enhances fueling operations for fleets, drivers and truckstops

Franklin , Tennessee February 9, 2011 QuikQ, the provider of a cardless direct fuel connection between truck stop point-of-sale (POS) and motor carrier enterprise systems, today announced its new Fuel Island Manager software. Fuel Island Manager streamlines fueling for drivers by detecting and validating the position of a truck in the fueling lane and turning on dispensers without magnetic stripe cards and with little or no driver input. In addition, if the truck leaves the lane, the dispenser is sent a signal to stop fueling, virtually eliminating the possibility of fraud at the dispenser. 

“Fuel Island Manager provides a mechanism where truckstops can develop and enhance relationships with fleets that go beyond a price per gallon offering,” said Ernie Betancourt, president of QuikQ. “It is beneficial to fleets because it offers truckstops the ability to provide added security while moving drivers out of the fuel island quickly. That also improves the driver’s experience in the fuel lane and leads to greater satisfaction.”

Originally designed to support QuikQ’s technologically advanced DFConnect™ solution, which provides a direct connection between motor carriers and a truck stop POS, Fuel Island Manager software and lane positioning RFID hardware authorizes fueling for a truck or reefer wirelessly. The solution has now been enhanced to provide support for other transactions at the fuel island, including sales for fuel card providers, allowing them to convert to cardless transactions at participating truck stops.

“By enhancing the experience a driver has at a truckstop fuel island and easing the processing of fueling transactions for both the truckstop and the fleet,” Betancourt stated, “the combination of Fuel Island Manager and DFConnect promotes a more beneficial partnership between truckstops and carriers. In addition, Fuel Island Manager software can provide dispenser fraud prevention to other transaction providers.”  

About QuikQ

QuikQ is a privately held software development company based in Franklin , Tennessee dedicated to utilizing 21st century technologies to improve the trucking industry's control of diesel fuel transactions by connecting carriers with truck stops and travel plazas. DFConnect™ is QuikQ's cardless direct fuel connection between the truck stop point-of-sale systems and motor carrier enterprise systems. By integrating carriers' enterprise software into an updated, streamlined fuel transaction process, QuikQ will help both carriers and truck stops realize significant savings. For more information, visit www.quikq.com.

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