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QuikQ Announces Integration with TMW Systems

Fuel Purchasing System now uses data in the TMW-Innovative transportation management system to complete purchases in real time

Franklin, Tennessee – September 11, 2015 – QuikQ, the leading provider of a cardless direct fuel connection between truck stop point-of-sale (POS) and motor carrier enterprise systems, today announced an integration with TMW Systems Inc. (TMW), the leading provider of transportation management software solutions. By utilizing asset, dispatch and driver data from the TMW-Innovative transportation management system, the integration with the QuikQ Fuel Purchasing System (FPS) will allow carriers to improve the overall accuracy, speed and efficiency of the fuel purchasing process from back-office through the point-of-purchase.

“By accessing data within TMW-Innovative, we’re enabling our mutual customers to use their existing transportation management system to validate and authorize fuel purchases as they occur, and without having to access a third party purchasing system and duplicate information,” said Ernie Betancourt, president of QuikQ. “By eliminating the need for separate databases, and because QuikQ uses TMW dispatch, truck, trailer and driver records, our mutual customers will now have faster and better control of what is happening at the pump.”

The new integration uses the TMW FlexFuel® system to streamline access in real time to data on fuel purchases made through QuikQ FPS. Access to dispatch details and fuel purchase policies in TMW FlexFuel enables QuikQ to provide and manage separate purchase policies in real-time for tractors, trailers and drivers. This access to live files also allows fuel purchasing transaction data to be immediately and efficiently updated when a driver is added or removed from a carrier’s TMW-Innovative database.

The new integration also works with private label versions of QuikQ FPS, such as the Love’s Express Fleet Card. With the new integration, QuikQ can be used to back up data in the event the TMW-Innovative system is unavailable. Additionally, the QuikQ processor can run on a fleet’s enterprise system instead of QuikQ’s data center.

The QuikQ Fuel Purchasing System is an entirely new way of processing fuel transactions that saves money for truck stops and carriers. It is the only solution that manages the entire process from carrier back office to truck stop back office. With QuikQ FPS, the fleet, the truck stop and the driver use live carrier data for real-time control and reporting and have improved security over fuel transactions.

About TMW Systems

TMW is a leading transportation software provider to commercial and private fleets, brokerage and 3PL organizations. Founded in 1983, TMW has focused on providing enterprise software to the transportation industry, including asset-based and non-asset-based operations as well as heavy-duty vehicle service centers. With offices in Cleveland, Dallas, Indianapolis, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Raleigh, and Vancouver, the company serves over 2,000 customers, including many of the largest, most sophisticated and complex transportation service companies in North America. TMW is a Trimble Company (NASDAQ: TRMB) and part of the international Transportation and Logistics Division.

About QuikQ

A privately held software development company based in Franklin, Tennessee, QuikQ creates and develops innovative fuel transaction processing solutions for motor carriers and truck stops. Redefining the entire fueling process, the QuikQ Fuel Purchasing System (FPS) is the first fuel transaction software that is designed to manage the entire fuel transaction through real-time direct “carrier to truck stop” connectivity. QuikQ’s RFID-based fueling system is currently being installed at truck stops nationwide and is being adopted by a growing number of motor carriers. For more information, visit www.quikq.com.

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