QuikQ Refining Fuel Management

  ABOUT QuikQ: Executive Team

Ernie Betancourt - President

Ernie has extensive experience in leading the development of information systems for truck stops and trucking companies. As the lead founder and CEO of Trendar Corporation, he gained extensive knowledge and understanding of truck stop fuel desk operations and challenges. As the former CEO of Innovative Computing Corporation he had the opportunity to work with leading motor carriers in developing and maintaining enterprise software systems. At Innovative, he led the development of a successful "software as a service" (SaaS) delivery system to economically provide enterprise software to smaller carriers. Recently, Mr. Betancourt has been the listed inventor or co-inventor of several patent applications related to fuel transaction processing.

Tony McAlister – COO
Tony McAlister - Executive Vice President/COO

Tony has more than 27 years of experience in high growth start-ups and large corporations, including mergers, acquisitions, IPOs and leveraged strategic alliances

Before joining QuikQ, McAlister served as Chief Technology Officer at Betfair, an Internet betting exchange, and previously was the COO, CTO and CIO at Motricity, a provider of mobile content services and solutions processing. Earlier in his career, McAlister was the CIO at Vodafone, a Fortune 500 international wireless communications provider, and served as CTO at an early-stage startup providing investment services and in senior management roles at several e-commerce businesses.

Vince Peschio – Vice President/CTO
Vince Peschio - Vice President/CTO

Vince has been involved in software development since obtaining a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. With more than 30 years experience, Mr. Peschio has witnessed first-hand the evolution of computer technology from mainframes to personal computers and programming languages from assembler to 4GL languages.

Prior to his position with QuikQ, Mr. Peschio served as the Director of Development for Innovative Computing Corporation.

Before entering the trucking software industry, Mr. Peschio spent his career in health care assisting a variety of medical based companies with their information system and software needs, including serving as the regional CIO for Community Health Systems (CHS) Virginia hospitals.

Tamara Wilson – Vice President Business Development
Tamara Wilson – Vice President Business Development

Tamara Wilson has more than 35 years of experience in Transportation Management both in the United States and Canada. Tamara's IT, Operations, Sales and Management experience is a benefit to QuikQ and its growing customer base. Prior to joining QuikQ in 2014, she held executive management posts as Vice President of Operations at MPH Transportation, CIO/Vice President Gainey Corporation, Director of IT SLH Transport and National Sales Representative for Innovative Computing Corporation.

Rick Acklin – Director of Support Services
Rick Acklin – Director of Support Services

Rick brings his entire career of 40+ years in the trucking industry to QuikQ. Having been in financial positions with carriers in every segment of the industry, the knowledge and experience Rick brings to the company is invaluable as it relates to the products QuikQ is taking to the marketplace. Seeing the need for better fuel economy, Rick created one of the first Fuel Bonuses for drivers in 1975, improving fuel economy when it was not the hot topic it is today. Through the years, Rick spent time with several carriers working to improve processes and reduce cost by communicating the Cost Per Mile of operating a trucking company to all departments. Rick joined QuikQ in September 2013, after spending 2+ years with Houg Special Services in Commerce City, CO as its Chief Financial Officer.

Rick holds a Bachelor of Science degree with an emphasis in Accounting from Abilene Christian University.