QuikQ Refining Fuel Management


QuikQ's Fuel Purchase System™ (FPS) Feature Comparison Chart

QuikQ's Fuel Purchase System (FPS) solution offers a variety of features that will substantially improve your fuel transaction processes. Reduce your risk of fraud, reduce your administrative costs, and redefine your fuel management capabilities. The chart below illustrates the various differences between utilizing FPS vs the traditional transaction processing methods.

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  Transaction Type
Features Billing Company FPS™ with
Data Entry
FPS™ with Mobile Comm FPS™
with RFID
Cardless NO * YES YES YES
Eliminate Redundant Database NO YES YES YES
Separate Purchase Policies NO YES YES YES
Secure Fuel NO NO NO YES
Purchase Order Based NO YES YES YES
Sub-transactions NO YES YES YES
Eliminate Driver Data Entry NO NO Limited YES
T/S Back Office Integration NO YES YES YES
* Available with Comdata and EFS at Travel Centers equipped with QuikQ's RFID technology.