QuikQ Refining Fuel Management

  The Fuel Purchase System™ (FPS) Overview for Truck Stops
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With RFID, automated pump activation can eliminate the need for driver data entry.


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QuikQ's FPS™ uses the most up-to-date technology to bring your fuel transaction processing into the 21st century and, most importantly, provides you with significant transaction savings.

FPS replaces the inefficient, fee-laden fuel card system, with an automated solution that dramatically reduces the associated transaction fees and streamlines your back-end transaction management so that you can keep more of your money.

This redefined fuel purchasing model creates a direct relationship between you and the carrier, separates the transactions from the financing, provides automated pump control in conjunction with your truck stop POS and gives you a robust set of back-office management tools. 

  • Cardless transactions eliminate the cashier workload associated with card swipe failures.
  • Cardless transactions also speed up the purchasing process, improve customer satisfaction and improve fuel island throughput.

With RFID technology, automated pump activation can eliminate the need for driver data entry.

  • By separating the funding from the transactions, you will significantly reduce transaction costs, improve the relationships with your customers and have new options for financing.
  • Back-end sub-transaction management automates reconciliation process, reduces fees and greatly simplifies exception handling.
  • Direct communication with carrier's database supports comprehensive, streamlined back-end management, saving you time and money previously spent on administration, identification, approval and invoicing.